Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Are Your Goals Worthwhile?

As I think of my goals in the year ahead, I wonder if my goals are worth the effort and attention I plan to give.

My first goal for 2019 is to continue my quest to create a warm, welcoming home. I know this is worth it because if my home is warm and welcoming, my family and friends will enjoy coming here and spending time, and to be with my friends and family brings me great joy.

My next goal is to teach math and science well. I know this is valuable because if my students leave me with math and science interest and confidence, they will be better prepared for the study and work ahead. They will also be better prepared to critically learn, think about, and make good decisions for their lives and our world, and that matters.

I also have the goal of building a strong learning community with the learning team of family members, students, colleagues, and administrators. I know this is a valuable goals because when we foster the skills and attitudes that lead to strong teams, we elevate what we can do with and for each other as well as the greater community. Together we generally do better.

Personal health is a goal as well. If I'm strong and healthy, I can do more and enjoy what life has to offer more too. Family attention and care is on the list as well since I want to support family members in ways that I can this year.

Those are the main goals this year. Each one is valuable. I'd like to do a bit more for the greater community and world, but I see this period in life as one of strengthening myself, my family, and my teaching practice and community. In the years ahead, I suspect I will use the strength and skill I'm building now to do a bit more on a larger scale. Onward.