Wednesday, November 21, 2018

You Can't Do It All

I write about this theme often because at times I make a decision not to do something that is highly encouraged. Why do I make this choice?

If an event creates too much personal emotion, represents values I don't agree with or support, or asks me to do something I question or am uncomfortable with. I may decide not to participate even if the event is popular, encouraged, and valuable to many.

Recently a colleague confided in me about an event outside of our school that the colleague was asked to take part in, an event that made the individual uncomfortable. I relayed my thinking about uncomfortable events and how I typically react.

If an event is personally uncomfortable, I may simply not attend, however if an event is offensive, disrespectful, or not in keeping with the values of an organization, family, or team, I typically speak up too. In cases like that, I want people to know why I believe the event is not appropriate, well intended, or rightly directed.

Bottom line is that we can't do it all. It's important that we reach to do all that we can with respect to what and who we value, but in cases where we are at a quandary or not supportive, we may choose to step back and not be apart of that event. None of us can do it all, and what's important is that we do what we can when we can. If everyone does that, we typically move alone and together in positive ways.