Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Teach Well: Main Objectives

I tweaked my goal picture a bit to reflect updates in my teaching/learning goals for the year. 

In the limitless profession of education, educators have to continually navigate directives, expectations, and the teaching/learning landscape around them to define priorities, goals, and vision. I find that this is a regular activity of teaching and learning since there are many challenges to staying the course and doing what's best. As I drill down on the main objectives of the teaching/learning year, I am reaching greater and greater definition of what to do and how to do it.

Math Teaching/Learning
Success Criteria: Students will master the standards with engaging, empowering, and deep math learning experiences.
  • Teach unit by unit, standard by standard
  • Embed a variety of learning experiences into each unit including more floor-to-ceiling engaging, empowering project work
  • Assess regularly
  • Review, reflect, revise, and refine regularly
Science Teaching/Learning
Success Criteria: Students will master the standards with engaging, empowering, collaborative science learning experiences. 
  • Build teamwork via introductory activities with a focus on partnerships
  • Start with revisiting notecard challenge w/focus on lab reports and good collaboration
  • Integrate math and science with balance activity
  • Focus on vocabulary with properties of matter activity
  • Integrate reading strategies and comprehension with Matter booklets
  • Integrate writing with lab reports, projects, and reflection activities
  • Teach standard by standard with engaging activities
  • Teach physical science December through the end of March
  • Teach STEAM activities in March and April
  • Review all K-5 standards in early April prior to MCAS
  • Deepen environmental education in spring after MCAS
Success Criteria: Students will read daily for about 20-40 minutes in school and 20 minutes or more at home. They will develop a greater love, interest, and ability in reading as part of a community of dedicated, invested, and engaged readers. 
  • Read every morning from 8:30-9:00
  • Check in regularly with readers
  • Create more ways for children to share book recommendations
  • Have a class reading list visible
  • Let students see me reading on my own, talking about books, and reading aloud regularly
  • Perhaps begin a page on the web page for book recommendations
  • Discuss other ideas with colleagues and students
Success Criteria: Students will deeply understand and exhibit the habits and benefits of optimal social emotional learning and practice. 
  • Continue to build in SEL teaching/learning activities throughout the curriculum
Local Union
Success Criteria: Educators will work collaboratively to increase their ability to lead their profession in ways that matter most with regard to teaching every child well. 
  • Update website
  • Organize meeting agendas and minutes
  • Attend and participate in regular meetings and activities
Reading List