Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Science Day: Naturalist Coach Visit

Thanks to a grant written by Massachusetts' Audubon's Drumlin Farm educators and naturalists, we have a naturalist coach that visits our classroom about once a month. The coach is using a standards-based approach to teaching students about the local environment, climate change, and stewardship of our natural lands and environment.

Today our naturalist coach, Ms. Flanzer, will visit again. Each class will rotate through her presentation, a presentation that teaches educators and students at the same time. Everyone enjoys, learns a lot, and looks forward to Ms. Flanzer's presentation.

Ms. Flanzer's visits means that we have a homeroom day to catch up on regular studies as well as to focus on related science standards and learnings. So today students will begin with our new "all stop and read" morning start, then we'll review a slide show related to the local environment, work on science booklets, attend Ms. Flanzer's lesson, have a recess, and work on other timely learning events. It will be a good day to come.