Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Professional Learning: Science Materials Management

In my relatively small classroom, I have hundreds of science materials to organize. If you read my blog, you know that working at material management has been a regular pursuit of teaching. This has been challenging for a large number of reasons including an ever changing curriculum, acquisition of new materials, the need to clean and store materials, and the desire to make materials easily accessible to students and teachers for set up, exploration, experiments, and project work.

Today my professional learning time will be spent on greater organization of materials. I've been working on making space for these materials for the past few months and today I'll give the effort a number of concentrated hours.

What's the plan?

First, I plan to get rid of all materials I no longer use. Then I hope to devote a shelf to each type of material including pitchers, cups, small science tools, exploration ingredients, table cloths, trays, and more.

I'm happy that our professional learning request for good time for this effort was honored today. I'll wear my clean up clothes and be ready to clean, sort, organize, and manage the materials for the many investigations ahead. Onward.