Thursday, November 15, 2018

Efforts the Matter

What efforts in your midst matter? What efforts bring fulfillment, meaning, and betterment to your family, school, and community?

For each of us our answers will differ to these questions, yet these are good questions to consider as you move forward in your life.

For me, as I've written again and again, what matters most to me at school is the direct work I do with my team and the students. There are countless ways to deepen and better this work, efforts I am committed to and continue to work on.

As far as the family, my focus is on listening, being present, and supporting family members in the positive ways I am able to support them.

With regards to the community, I am honing my skills to do more in this regard--it's imperative that each of us is active and aware in our communities and that we contribute in ways that are beneficial to the current status of our communities as well as the future direction. I am most interested in elevating equity in the community in ways that provide opportunity for all community members to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.