Thursday, November 15, 2018

Controversy and Debate are Natural Parts of Life

We will all face controversy and debate, and when we do we need to remind ourselves of the following points and questions:
  • Where does this controversy and debate arise from?
  • Have I done what I can to learn the truth of the matter?
  • Have I done what I can to assess, analyze, and reflect on the situation?
  • Have I listened carefully to the other side(s) and considered their point of view with empathy, detail, and depth?
  • Do I have sound research, reading, and rationale and have I created a potential plan forward?
  • Am I going hard on the problem, but not the people?
  • What is my current success criteria for this situation?
  • What concessions am I willing to give to reach an optimal result?
  • How much am I willing to sacrifice to reach a positive resolve in this matter?
None of us should shy away from debate and controversy as it will always be apart of life. Similarly none of us should be criticized, demeaned, disrespected, or punished for having opinions, waging respectful debate, or forwarding our vision and beliefs. Many times, many people are shunned, ridiculed, and unfairly treated due to their point of view and will for different or better. I believe that oppressed groups face this more often than dominant groups in society. We all have to work against this and as we do we have to embrace and support good process for controversy and debate as it's the only way we'll move forward as a people and society. Onward.