Sunday, October 28, 2018

With humility, I write

As one who sees big, but still lives within the confines of an imperfect humanity, I write with humility. Everywhere I look I see potential for betterment and good living. I know what it takes to forward a better world, yet with my imperfect self, I don't always live up to that vision. I become frustrated when injustice, oppression, or abuse reigns. I am not patient at times like these. Also my thoughts skip randomly like smooth stones tossed into the water and I see more in pictures than singular words which makes my concept paths sometimes hard to follow. I like big ideas, change, and explosions of creativity. Colors brighten my spirit and nature brings me home. I am, like others, a unique and imperfect set of characteristics.

Yet I won't let my imperfection keep me silent when my vision for betterment is so clear. I will share what I have to say, question, and reach out if I believe my words and work will promote what is right and good. Too many let their imperfect humanity stand in the way of their words, thoughts, and actions, and then we miss out on those people's unique lens, perspective, experience, and selves.

I encourage you to share who you are, what you believe, and where you are going. Don't let imperfection hinder your journey, but instead reach out with humility and honesty, work with others, and together we will make a better world. I know this is possible.