Sunday, October 28, 2018

The Days Ahead: Refining, Revising, Recreating

The days ahead will find me refining, revising, and recreating curriculum efforts to meet students' needs and interests as well as systemwide expectations. What does that entail?

Focus on Math, Math RTI, Reading RTI, Student/Family Conferences/Portfolios
This is the mainstay of my work in the next month. I want to work on refining the routines in place and teaching planned. There's much to do in this regard.

Science Lessons
In December, I'll begin going deep with physical science unit for my class and the first rotation of another homeroom class. That means I need to carve out some good time prior to December to do a lot of reading, curriculum prep, and study. I'll likely do that in a few weeks as time permits.

Special Events
Our main special events are planned for the year, and there's only one that requires a bit more leg work on my behalf. I'll work on that in mid-November if I don't hear a reply from the agency I'm working with by then.

Long Term
Timeless Learning sits like a yummy chocolate bar on my bureau awaiting that day when I have an afternoon of good energy and uninterrupted time so I can savor that book.

Positive Routine
Every year introduces a new routine given changing family dynamics and work expectations. It seems that I'm finally settling into a good work/home pattern this year so I'll work to refine and follow that pattern in the days ahead always knowing that unexpected events are likely to occur as that's a regular part of teaching and parenting.

Life demands constant reflection, revision, and direction. When we give life this focus, we are able to craft so many good times and positive accomplishments. This is important.