Thursday, October 25, 2018

What Matters Today?

Today is an ordinary teaching day. Since we've had many, many special events so far this year, I welcome this ordinary day.

What's on the agenda?

During math, I'll catch up with many students who need some personal attention related to recent assignments and learning points. Others will complete study packets on their own and with friends then work on bonus options. After math, students and I will continue reading Kwame Alexander's great book, Rebound, as part of our small RTI group. I'll also have students complete their first short reading assessment as one way to assess their comprehension development.

Later in the day, I'll continue to read James Printer, a Novel of Rebellion to students which takes them back to 18th century Massachusetts and the King Phillip's War. Then students will have a chance to visit the book fair and read books of choice--thanks to the wonderful care of parents and past teachers, almost every student in the class truly enjoys reading.

Finally I'll attend the weekly student service meeting where we'll discuss a number of issues including upcoming testing to update individualized education plans (IEPs) and more tailored teaching/learning approaches for specific students. I like the potential these meetings hold and believe that the more we update the process related to these meetings, the more we'll accomplish with regard to planning for the best possible student service.

After school I'll prep all materials for students' showcase portfolio work tomorrow, update the math learning menu for student practice, notify the teachers who lead our classes on Friday morning while we're at PLC about the learning menu updates, and prep for my math RTI group game too. It will be a busy, ordinary, positive teaching/learning day. Onward.