Thursday, October 25, 2018

Portfolio Prep for Upcoming Conferences

On Friday students will begin go create their showcase portfolios. They will share those portfolios with family members at our upcoming conferences.

The showcase portfolios begin with an introduction to the child. This year that introduction will include a happiness survey and students' past-present-future timelines. These all-about-me pieces help everyone at the table to know and understand who the child is, what the child loves, and significant past and present events that affect the child's life as well as the child's dreams for the future.

Students will also share evidence of a few significant learning events including a writing piece that they will read to all who attend the conference and a list of books they have read so far. Students' stats related to a number of systemwide and state assessments will be shared and in the end, students will share their goals related to social emotional learning, math, and English language arts.

We've been inviting students to lead their conferences for years now. Most families choose to let the children lead, however there are times when the adults want to meet on their own. We let families make that decision. The family member-student-teacher(s) conferences are meaningful and celebratory times where we celebrate the wonderful learning a child has engaged in and make plans for the learning ahead. Good preparation is essential to this process.