Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Do students understand the value of practice?

As I continue to dig into my student learning goal this year, I am wondering if students truly understand the value of practice. I reviewed a number of practice packets last night and found that an attitude of just get it done is pervasive. I want to change that attitude to an attitude of get it down with care and accuracy--take the extra step to reason through the problems, test your solutions, work with others and learn the information.

There are many ways that I can move the practice goal in this direction.

First, it's important that independent practice expectations are reasonable. I've greatly reduced the number of problems in these home study packets so that students are not overwhelmed. I've also instituted a weekly routine that I can keep up with so that every packet gets a teacher review. What I need to do know is engage the students in conversations about how they successfully practice. We need explicit conversation about this. Further, I may want to begin to share exemplars each week--examples of student work that is evidence of good practice efforts, and I need to remind students of the many supports available to them including Monday and Wednesday morning extra help sessions, online questions/conversations with the teacher, and newly added ability to work on study packets during the Friday morning math tech study time.

In general, the large majority are getting their practice done on time, but there's still a few I have to work with more to help them complete these weekly assignments. Helping students to acquire positive practice mindsets and routines, sets the stage for success in any endeavor they get involved in. I'm looking forward to working with students to forward this goals today. Onward.