Thursday, August 02, 2018

Readying for School Year 2018-2019

How are you doing with your school year 2018-2019 preparation?

Every teacher readies in somewhat different ways. In fact, I prepare a bit differently every year dependent on my personal responsibilities over the summer.

I update this prep and planning list each year to guide my work. It is a very helpful list.

I'm plugging away as I prepare. Most of the big think and research is complete, and now I'm focused on creating exemplars, purchasing a few items, and of course, the classroom set-up which I'll do a day or two before the year starts. Typically I go in and set up on rainy summer days, but this year I'm waiting for some new furniture for my classroom that will hopefully arrive the week before school starts which means a bit of a delay for set-up.

Like most teachers, I find the start of school to be a celebratory time as I look forward to meeting my new students and working with my colleagues and families to teach well. Onward.