Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Making a better world one step at a time

I am tired of events that take people down and waste time. I am a big fan of positive events, efforts, and decisions that enrich lives and make things better.

That said, I'm aware that even when we are well meaning we may not contribute well to betterment. We make mistakes, we don't know it all, and we are compromised again and again. Yet, most people have the potential of working towards betterment and seeking to uplift their own lives and the lives of others.

Clearly there are actions, efforts, investments, and ways to bring people down. Hateful rhetoric, disrespectful speech, and violent actions against innocents are ways to bring people down and destroy lives and our potential for good.

At this time in the world, it is in our best interests to work for betterment in ourselves, our families, our communities, and our world, and it's best to support those around us who do the same.

When we work for companies who create products or forward policies that break laws, ruin the environment, create harmful products, or hurt others, we don't work for betterment. While some may have to choose between supporting their families and working for less than positive organizations, most of us can move in the direction of working for or leading organizations that work for betterment--organizations that are willing to do what they need to do to uplift and enrich lives and our planet rather than bring down and ruin the potential for good that exists.

The same goes for people we affiliate with and support--we don't need to support the actions of friends, family members, or leaders who don't work for the best interests of others and we do need to nudge each other forward to do what is right and good. We all face challenges in this realm and when you surround yourself by people who make good choices, you're likely to do the same.

I hate to see time wasted on acts that are misguided, destructive, disrespectful, and cruel--the domino effect of actions like these cost people time, money, and good living. It's a waste of time. On the other hand, efforts that enrich lives create capacity for better living and a healthy planet.

If everyone seeks to live well and support efforts to better our world in ways that they can we will see the tide continue to move in the direction of betterment which means good living in real time or happy lives.

We can do this.