Monday, July 16, 2018

Impatient for Change: Betterment

I am fairly patient when it comes to change with my own practice since I use a daily effort to keep working up towards betterment. I've been happy with the growth so far and I enjoy the process to keep moving in that direction. I can be patient because I see good change in the works.

I am even fairly patient with change in the work place because I can see there efforts I can contribute and ways I can work better to forward that change. We're in a good place and it's all about betterment--we're making good progress.

I am less patient about change in our government right now because there is a lot to understand and much that seems tangled, unclear, and even ill-directed. I worry about the great investment we make to support people and programs who in some cases seem to not take their jobs to serve the American people seriously but instead appear to be using our money, resources, and time to serve themselves and their like-minded cronies. The government officials, particularly the Republicans at the national level, have been very sloppy and ill-directed with regards to how they are supervising efforts to provide Americans with quality schools and health care, a clean environment, welcoming well-supported communities, peaceful global partnerships, and well-organized and directed international work with regard to some of the world's biggest problems such as global warming, pollution, immigration, war/violence, opportunity, equity, and fairness.

It seems like few are working to truly make better our policies, laws, processes, and connections with regard to providing every American and I'd add world citizens with the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It seems many have forgotten their most important job which is to serve the American people and have become mired in special and self interests.

Our representatives, senators, and other elected and appointed officials in Massachusetts, for the most part, seem to be doing a great job with an eye on human rights and opportunity at every turn. They are true leaders in the country and I honor that. Our President, however, wastes a lot of our time with grandstanding, negativity, and grandiosity that appears to serve him and and his cronies most while leaving others behind--this is worrisome. The Republican Congresspeople, for the most part, also appear to be more interested in self and special interests rather than betterment for the country. They seem to be trying to recreate how it used to be rather than building modern policies, protocols, and laws for today's work and our very diverse and amazing population.

I'm impatient mostly for change in our national government and on the world stage right now--there's so much more our national and international leaders can do to better who we are and what we do as a people. I guess I'll route that impatience into advocacy particularly with regard to getting people informed about voting and then voting for people who will use their tax dollars well to support strong communities, nation, and world.