Friday, July 27, 2018

How do you respond to the changes in your midst?

There are a large number of changes occurring in my personal and professional life this year. Most of those changes are happening around me and not to me, but I will be affected nevertheless by this change.

As I anticipate these changes, what am I thinking about?

Take a backseat
In places where I've been at the front in terms of voice and choice, there's no longer a need for me to lead or speak up as much. There are good people in place and great synergy occurring. At this point, in those places I'll take more of a back seat and work to assist the leaders who have stepped forward--good people with honest, worthy direction. I am so happy to see the change occurring in these spheres.

My theme this year is to listen more--I want to truly hear what people have to say. I want to hear more than their words alone, but instead, I want to think about where they are coming from, what their experiences are, and the direction they desire. I want to deeply think about what they are saying and analyze that in relation to my own experiences, knowledge, and vision. The greater part of my life has been committed to the positive development of family, community, and education, and I want to support the good ideas and efforts that will further positive growth in these areas.

I have laid out a number of specific areas related to my professional and personal life in which I want to reach--these are very specific, detailed, and somewhat laborious areas of effort, but areas, nonetheless, that are at the forefront of where I'm going and what I need to do to achieve with regard to my dreams and values related to living a good life.

I am fortunate to be surrounded by countless amazing and good people. I want to make more time to support these people in ways that matter--ways that are creative, responsive, empathetic, and fun. I cannot do all that I dream of, but step-by-step I can contribute in meaningful ways.

I want to slow down my life so I can be more intentional about what I do and how I do it--I want to retrain myself in areas of Earth-friendly living, parenting for adult children, and supporting the great diversity of dreams, lifestyles, needs, and ambitions of the people I live with, near and care dearly about.

I want to hone my advocacy skills in ways that find me working with greater discernment, evidence, fact, and depth to speak out and stand up for initiatives that truly elevate and better lives in the United States and abroad. I choose to believe that we can continually become a better world and people and that we don't have to accept words, acts, and beliefs that lead to destruction of the Earth's people, places, natural beauty, and good values. I do believe we can do better and will work at my skills to support this direction.