Thursday, July 26, 2018

Do you keep the mission of your professional work at the forefront of what you do?

As I listen carefully to the news related to the Trump presidency and the majority Republican congress, I am thinking a lot about who and what these leaders serve? I am wondering which individuals from this group are working for the American people, and which individuals are spending more time and attention working for their own wealth, power, and egos over the best interests and supports for the American people.

As I watch the stories of Russian cyber crime, errant tariffs, global partnerships, porn star pay-offs, and election rallies unfold via a large range of online reporting and real time discussions and debates, at the center of my focus is the question: Are these political leaders working for themselves or for the American people? and Are these people working within the law or are they working illegally and unethically to get what they want?

To date, a number of crimes have been revealed by the Mueller investigation, and those who committed the crimes are facing trials and/or jail time and other consequences. There are still many who may be guilty, but have not been indicted yet. Every day there is new suspicious events and evidence to analyze. There are also some who want to end the investigation and not deal with these apparent threats to our American laws, ideals, and good use of time and money. These individuals lack of interest or support for the investigation appears suspicious because who would not want to understand well what happened and how it affected our country? To understand the cyber crime and other illegal behavior is to right our country on a good course for modern times. In many ways, the deeper result of this investigation will be to demonstrate the kinds of challenges we will face as a country as the world becomes increasingly interdependent and we approach greater world government and leadership efforts. I suspect this will prepare us for the likely future challenges of dealing with peoples from other planets. There will always be problems as we evolve, and the key focus should be to identify, investigate, resolve, and revise in light of those problems.

While I watch all of this occur and think deeply about it, I am also thinking about my own work and contribution with the following questions:
  • Am I following the laws, rules, protocols, and policies set?
  • Am I respectfully and intelligently speaking up and working for research-based change when I notice laws, rules, protocols, and policies that do not meet the mission of the work I do as an educator?
  • Am I keeping the mission upfront, a mission that leads me to holistically support all students' positive academic, social, emotional, and physical development.
  • Am I using my time and tax payer money well to forward what my colleagues and I can do to support students and families in our schools?
  • What can I do to better do my job, meet the mission of my work, and collaborate well with others in this regard?
Also, as I think about my work in the face of what's happening, I am thinking about the political leaders I support and those that I will vote for in the fall elections. So far the politicians from Massachusetts are working tirelessly to forward supports, laws, and efforts to elevate lives of Massachusetts' residents as well as people throughout the country--this is very good. In the days ahead, I plan to get more involved in issues, particularly issues that support positive supports for families, children, and public schools. I know that a good start in life uplifts all that we are and all that we can do as a country and world, and that's where I'll contribute most of my political and professional time and efforts. 

We need to expect good work from ourselves and from those that lead us--we can't sit back and just accept the words and actions of others without good review, analysis, and input. All Americans need to freely and knowledgeably speak up and work for what they believe to be in the best interests of the American people. When we all get involved, vote, and do what is right and good, we maintain and develop a strong, good country as well as positive, proactive global partnerships.

The promise in the future of our country lies in our ability to be united in our support for our American ideals and processes--ideals and processes that give all Americans the right and privilege to vote, speak up, live as they wish as long as they don't break laws and harm others, and get involved in leading our country, a country by the people for the people. We can do better at this junction in American history, and that betterment depends on every one of us.