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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Tomorrow and the Week Ahead: First School Week in June 2018

Before I dig into today's prep and festivities, I want to focus on what I'll do tomorrow to teach well.

We'll begin the day with an entertaining and educational cultural enrichment event hosted by the PTO. Later, we'll meet with the counselor to view a safety program focused on sexual abuse prevention--it's a great program that I believe every school system should share with their students as it helps to keep the students safe. After that the Middle School teachers will visit our school to give the students a presentation on Middle School. Then there will be some time for me to meet with the Middle School teacher while the students play.

After lunch, students will work on their biography presentations. The principal will meet with the boys to lead a short inspirational discussion on scholarship while I work with the girls on their biography projects. I've planned this event as one way to boost scholarship in the final weeks of the school year particularly with regard to the biography project. Later students will attend music class and after that, there will be time for more biography study and recess too.

Tuesday will be another eventful day including a morning of biography study, and a special afternoon living history presentation that will teach students about Lydia Maria Child, a famous Wayland writer and abolitionist, and also model for students how to act in character which will be helpful for the biography project. Tuesday will end with more biography work, instrumental lessons, and recess.

Wednesday will find us digging in to complete those biography reports including time lines, posters, title pages, costumes, portraits, and interviews. And Thursday will be more of the same with the addition of our traditional strings/band concert and the set-up for the next day's Global Changemakers biography presentation. In the afternoon I'll attend the year's last WTA meeting.

Friday will find us starting the day with the Global Changemakers project--a human time line that will extend from global changemakers from hundreds of years ago to notable people today. After that students will have time to catch up on their math tech menus, introduce younger students to the instrumental program, attend tech class, and play.

We have a busy and positive week ahead--a week that will require good focus, positive coaching, perseverance, and celebration.