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Monday, June 04, 2018

Look Your Best

There are some who can wear a paper bag and look wonderful and there are others that require significant effort to pull it all together to look their best. And, of course there's a continuum related to looking your best and what's best is relative--what one person thinks is good looking another might disagree with.

When I was young my mom took special care to make sure we looked our best--she made the time to buy and care for our clothes, hair, and healthy routine so we looked good at special occasions. As an older, busy woman--that looking good requires greater thought, time, and money too--there's the hair, the clothes, the shoes, and countless other elements of upkeep.

When reading an article about success recently, I thought it was interesting to see that successful people usually dress about 25% better than their colleagues or leaders--interesting. Yet, again, what is best, and of course, it's good to match those clothes with the work you do--high heels and fancy dresses rarely match a teacher's job that often finds a teacher meeting with a group of students on the playground or during a messy experiment or art project.

Sometimes we can find ourselves so busy with other matters in life that we can forget about our ourselves and what we need to do to look our best, but as in all things we do to make better and achieve, this area of life matters too. Onward.