Friday, June 22, 2018

The Last Day With Students

The slime day at fifth grade Fun Day.
Today was the last day with students. Students drew pictures, made slime, played lots of sports games, had picnic lunches, and talked to each other and the educators and parents there. it was a gentle just-right end. Later the parents put on a terrific slideshow and the Principal recognized the children and parents noting that leaving elementary school is a significant passage. Children LOVED watching the great slideshow that included pictures of all the special events from kindergarten to fifth grade and great music too--a wonderful and just-right tribute at the end of the year. Later there was a bit of waiting time. Parents spoiled me with a generous and kind gift from the class, we listened to a vacation song, watched a bit of a movie we've been watching and ultimately the whole school and all the family members clapped out the children. The day started gently and ended as a whirlwind of excitement, celebration, and a bit of trepidation for some too.

Monday will find most teachers cleaning up their classrooms and then we'll meet for our final faculty meeting of the year. All in all I consider this a terrific teaching year. We covered lots of material with many, many engaging activities and special events. The children learned a lot and did exceptionally well on all of the big projects and assessments. They are a well-loved group of children who will do well in life. I'm glad I had the chance to know them and learn with them. There were definitely some tears on these final days.

Looking out I'm committed to doing what I can to run a top-notch classroom program with my grade-level colleagues and specialists. Once I rest up I'll begin reading, researching, and thinking about this during the summer months. Onward.