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Monday, June 04, 2018

Pushing Past Disinterest and Disrespect

I mostly work and live with respectful people--people who work collaboratively with the best interests of those around them. To work and live with these people is satisfying and inspires good growth and development.

There are some in my life however who stand like a road block always waiting and willing to knock you down, disrespect you, and demean you when given the chance. These are the detractors I've written about in the past. I mostly forget about these obstacles as they are not closely related to me in time or place--they're distant, but when they do appear with their belittling words and respectless behavior, you can't miss them and they pack a powerful punch.

In general, we need to steer clear and stay quiet when it comes to these folk. And we have to be carefully that we don't become them either--no one likes a bully and bullies don't elevate who we are or what we can do. They exist, however, and we have to be wary of their words and as much as possible stay clear of their actions.

As I think of this today, I am thinking of all the positive directions in which I can sail my ship in the days right ahead, directions that lead to:

  • Completed multi-faceted biography projects
  • Completed math tech
  • Multiple special events
  • Environmental studies
  • The Global Cardboard Challenge
  • Special family events and celebrations
I can mostly steer clear of disinterest and disrespect and when it occurs I can push past it and not let it take me down. I've thought a lot about this and at this point, I'll simply take a reprieve from that arena altogether. Onward.