Friday, June 08, 2018

Just Right Programs

Just right programs don't over- or underwhelm learners. These programs offer a just right blend of rigor, experience, practice, reflection, and care.

To craft just right programs demand discussion, decision making, review, and revision.

Just right programs also demand lead time--we have to make the time to review our programming with all stakeholders, not just a few and we have to work together to better programs.

This summer our grade level team will meet to review and revise the curriculum program. We'll start with the expected teaching points and standards, and then move out to what we've done and what we might want to do in the future. We bring diverse experiences and points of view to this effort.

I think there's room for us to broaden our team look at the programming and I am enthusiastic about our system's focus on uplifting Professional Learning Communities to better what we do as extended teams of specialists, special educators, therapists, coaches, and directors.

Just right programs matter, and I look forward to our growth in this direction.