Friday, June 08, 2018

Big Picture Think: The Last Chapter

I am at the sunset of my career. In less than ten years, I'll retire from teaching to embark on other life interests, commitments, and events.

What does this mean for me?

Many years ago, a colleague I admired retired with grace--that colleague focused her final years on lifting up the people around her and investing most of her energy into the students within her charge. I want to follow her lead.

Specifically that means I'll focus the final years of my career on the following efforts:
  • creating a terrific learning environment for students
  • working with grade level colleagues to develop a modern, effective, and engaging learning program that includes all students and results in promising growth and development
  • continued study, focus, and implementation of the expected teaching programs and standards
  • continued research and study related to program development including study of cognition, science/math teaching and learning, and innovative teaching/learning efforts.
When I walk out the door on my final day, I want to leave a classroom that another teacher can easily take over--one that only includes high quality teaching materials and resources. I also want to leave a strong team of teacher leaders who will continue to lead a strong, child-centered curriculum program. 

I also don't want to leave education altogether, and I plan to begin honing my skills related to education-related political advocacy and writing. I also want to continue to engage in skills and interests in art, nature, and travel. As I build these skills now, I can also use them in conjunction with my work as an educator.

I have felt the tug to think about the last chapter of my career and how to map those years so that the work I do is of high quality and sensitive too. Onward.