Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Coaching Students Well

The last few days of school are days of intense, sensitive, and positive coaching.

There are many projects planned and all of those projects take kind and targeted coaching including the following:

Global Cardboard Challenge Coaching
Coaching for this project will focus a lot on teamwork, perseverance, creativity, and trial-and-error as students design, build, and share their wonderful cardboard arcades and play spaces. Specifically students have been given many resources to utilize as they plan and build their creations. Coaching the care of the many tools well will be part of this, tools including paint, brushes, drawing tools, and multiple recyclables including cardboard.

Middle School Visit Coaching
This will include making a good impression, using good manners, apt observation, and asking great questions as students take a look at the school most of them will attend next year.

Changing Bodies Coaching
We'll use the perspective that your body is an amazing machine and the more you know about your body, the better you can care for yourself and live a happy, healthy life as we watch videos, study an information packet, and discuss the many questions students have.

Becoming Young Naturalists: River/Wetlands Study and Stewardship
Similar to the body studies above, we'll also help students to understand that they are in charge of learning about and protecting their environment. We'll teach students a lot about their local rivers and wetlands including the fact that the Sudbury River that's located near our school is part of the National Wild and Scenic River System which is like having a National Park in your backyard. We'll engage students in a stewardship project led, in part, by a student's grandfather who is a local naturalist.

Positive and Proactive Community Member 
We'll continue our usual coaching to help students be positive and proactive community members as they play, study, and create with classmates, contribute to classroom clean-ups, and take care of their needs and responsibilities.

Math Skills and Practice
We'll coach most and perhaps all students towards completion of expected math practice programs and exercises too.

The mainstay of the final two weeks of school is lots and lots of positive coaching and that's where my energy belongs. Onward.