Saturday, May 19, 2018

Watching the Royal Wedding

I truly adore beautiful architecture, art, fashion, and a good love story, and that's why I'm watching the Royal Wedding this morning. Rather than snub the elite event, I would like to extend this sense of beauty, fashion, and ceremony into all walks of life--I believe that we can build a world where all people have the chance to live well, celebrate, and enjoy natural and human-made beauty such as wonderful parks, beautiful plants, a clean environment, fashion, art, and celebratory events. And, I don't believe there's one way to celebrate or create art, but instead it's far more interesting to do this with an individual, cultural, and geographical sense of what's beautiful and wonderful.

As I watch the wedding, I am enjoying the pretty dresses, carefully crafted hats, and the many side stories. I must say though I would not want to trade places as I'm not one who enjoys that kind of publicity or fanfare, I prefer a quieter life away from lots of fanfare.

I'm moved by the fact that Harry and Meghan seem committed to philanthropy, and of course, I'm delighted that this event is further breaking down racial barriers that exist in people's minds and practice--there's no room in this world to discriminate by skin shade, religion, culture, or geography.

And I'm moved to create a much simpler, but similar sense of culture, family, and celebration in my own family life--I want to make sure that we celebrate the good times and keep a sense of tradition, shared values, and support for one another as we move ahead.

Unlike the royal wedding, I'll be attending a family funeral today. Similar to the wedding it will be a gathering of loved ones, yet dissimilar it will be a time of sadness as we say goodbye to my Uncle Bob, a family member we loved and saw as a leader of our large clan of many cousins, siblings, aunts, uncles, moms, dads, and friends. There will be great comfort as we gather together to support one another and celebrate a life well lived.