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Monday, May 21, 2018

Professional Learning Summer 2018: Schedule It

With limitless opportunity for professional learning, it's important to be discerning. It's also important to schedule that learning to hold you accountable. There's many summer learning goals ahead, and the main focus areas include the following:
  • Study the reading list and apply that information to next year's teaching and learning. 
  • Read Boaler's grade five mathematics book and apply to next year's math program.
  • Review the math reflection journal information and prepare to embed that effort into next year's program. 
  • Reread SEL book and embed the specific lessons and language into next year's teaching/learning program with lessons, guiding posters, and other efforts.
  • Reread the physical science curriculum and update the website and lessons.
  • Meet with Drumlin Farm education coordinator and grade-level team to plan next year's environmental science efforts.
  • Study advocacy at MTA Summer Conference.
  • Review last year's portfolio and orientation/start-of-school materials and update appropriately with particular attention to embedding the new social studies curriculum. 
The summer is filled with all kinds of personal efforts, celebrations, and appointments too so I know the if I schedule the professional learning efforts above, I'll be more likely to complete the work. Onward.