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Sunday, May 20, 2018

More Students Die Than Servicemen?

A report published noted that more children have been murdered by guns than servicemen in or out of combat in 2018. Who is to blame for this carnage of innocents? I blame all lawmakers and leaders who have not spoken up, stood up, and acted for the restriction, regulation, and reduction of guns in the hands of United States citizens, particularly young citizens and citizens whose mental health and past history demonstrate that they cannot be trusted with guns. NRA-supported officials like President Trump and his GOP cronies are particularly to blame since they continually take money from and support the National Rifle Association, an Association that appears to be mostly interested in financial gain for gun companies and others in the gun trade.

Any citizen who continually makes time to stand up for and speak out in favor of senseless gun privileges other than protections that save the lives of innocents are also to blame. Countries around the world have reduced gun violence with good gun laws and regulations. The United States consistently is at the top when it comes to numbers of guns and gun violence in the industrialized world--this is a savage, inhuman reality, and we have to stand up, speak out, and make changes to protect the lives of innocent children and others.

Of course, there's suspicion that President Trump and Betsy Devos are pleased to see carnage at public schools since they are not supporters of public education. Instead they are doing what they can to undo public schools. I feel they are invested in this as they seem to favor a two-class system in the United States with a rich class like them that can afford expensive, liberal, elite private schools for their children, and a poor class that attends underfunded schools. It seems to me that a poor class serves Devos and Trump well because they need people to clean their houses, serve food at their fancy events, mow the lawns of their golf clubs, and provide other services needed for people like them that have just received a big tax break from Trump and his cronies--a tax break that has elevated their wealth substantially.

Trump and his GOP cronies have demonstrated little care or support for the average person in the USA or abroad. By action and words they continually support a small percentage of very wealthy individuals that look and act like them--there's been little to no evidence that they give a care about the average individuals in the United States, and their cavalier attitudes toward gun violence seem to point out that they're okay with the carnage of innocents because that means more for them. They're  evidently a self-serving leadership team who are unconcerned with anything more than elevating their wealth and power and the wealth and power of their favored cronies. There appears to be little concern about ethics, lawfulness, betterment, or service to others.

America, how can we stand back and accept this when we see our compatriots suffering with the senseless loss of their loved ones due to senseless gun violence, mediocre medical care (the alarming death rates of African American women giving birth), lack of environmental protections (think of Michigan's lead-filled tap water), and underfunded schools. We can do better and we must do better--the potential for good living for all Americans is amazing, but that is not what our current leadership believes in--instead Trump and his GOP cronies see themselves as kings and queens and dictators--people who have been "chosen" to be elite, rather than servants and leaders who are there to lead all people forward for good living.