Sunday, May 20, 2018

All Talk

We all have to be careful that we're not all talk and no action. We all have to make sure that we are walking the walk rather than just talking the talk of formidable change and forward action.

There are so many problems to solve in our own lives, the lives of our work places and communities, and the lives of our country and world? Where do we start? What do we do?

Our Lives
The challenge here is self care versus care for others. We have to care well enough for ourselves so that we enjoy life and have the energy and zest to care for others. There is a good balance to strike her.

Our Loved Ones
Through conversation, debate, and shared activity we need to care for one another and support one another's positive direction. As parents we have to educate our children against threats to their good living--threats like unhealthy foods, drunk driving, drug addiction, poor choices of comrades, unethical behavior, not building self-knowledge, ignoring passion-driven endeavor, and lack of investment and sacrifice when it comes to doing what's right and good. We have to keep the conversation and debates going about what is right and good, and we have to be present for those we love. We have to be open too--open to our loved ones calls and struggles as each of us is on a different path in this mysterious road of life.

Our Communities
We have to get involved in our communities in some way. This is difficult for many in today's world since many are working around the clock to simply care for family and to do their jobs, but we have to find time to contribute to our communities too. We have to read and listen to the news and speak up about local decisions and needs. We can build really strong communities if we all contribute to making our communities places where children get a good education, people enjoy wonderful natural and human-made spaces, the arts are celebrated and enriched, there is adequate health and community supports, healthy food is available, and good living in all of its many faces is celebrated.

Our States, Nation, and World
Using the advice of Getting to Yes, we have to go hard on the problems but not on the people as we work together to discuss, debate, and decide about the direction of our states, nation, and world. I believe we have to make decisions that benefit the many rather than the few and decisions that look forward to good living for all today and into the future--living with environmental protections, beautiful natural lands, opportunity and equity, and respect and dignity.

None of us can be all talk, we all have to act to continually better our lives and the lives of all those around us.