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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Math Reflection Journal

I want to follow Jo Boaler's research and create home study that includes greater reflection. So next year I am going to utilize a Math Reflection Journal. The journal pages will look like this:

Students will self score their Monday-Thursday reflections with this rubric:
I will review this over the summer and make some changes. 

I will review students' efforts regularly. I think this will be a good way to include greater reflection, focus on vocabulary, model making, and math writing. I also think that this will provide opportunities for "low stakes" frequent writing opportunities as recommended by the superintendent of the school system where I teach. 

The notebook will include reference sheets too such as 100's chart, multiplication/addition grids, fraction bars, the MCAS 5th grade math reference sheet, the MA DESE's math standards overview sheets, and a teacher response chart. 

I welcome your ideas related to the math reflection journal. Let me know what you would modify or add.