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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Focus on Economic Injustice: Follow the University Lead

I've noted in current news stories that many universities are looking deeply at economic injustice and how they can meet the needs of students that fall into this category.

I am finding the same need at the elementary school. Rather than differences related to culture this year, it has been economic diversity that has challenged our programs and learners most.

This economic injustice shows itself in multiple ways including the following:
  • Families who are overworking to make ends meet and the stress that comes with that
  • Families who can't afford field trips and special events
  • Families who are worried about economic issues and facing issues related to housing, jobs, and other strifes that come with economic injustice
I work in a wealthy Boston suburb and we don't see a lot of economic injustice and struggle, but we see some. Friends of mine work in areas where there is much greater economic injustice and the big struggles that brings to students and schools. 

What can we do to better serve families and students who face economic injustice? I want to think more about this in the days to come.