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Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Focus In: The Opportunity for Betterment is Great

As we continue to assess via multiple standardized tests, I continue to think about how we might improve the program.

Today students will take a math test. Overall system indicators demonstrate good growth for almost all students. This is good and demonstrates that we taught the standards expected and most students gained a good grasp with those concepts, skills, and knowledge.

Fidelity to Schedule
I want to re-look at the timing of units next year since I felt we were a bit too rushed leading up to the tests. This will mean careful planning of special events and field studies. It will also mean thinking twice before missing a math block for other reasons. Fidelity to schedule is critical when it comes to meeting the standards expectation.

I also want to scaffold the units a bit more so that those who come to us a few years behind the expectations will have a chance to master the most essential standards of the unit up front. They will also have the chance to extend their knowledge too via projects and math writing/presentation. I will read Boaler's grade five book to inform this work.

Home Study
With regard to home-school connections and homework, I'll think about a better process for this. I've yet to find a perfect homework system, one that fits the needs of multiple families and students. As I think about this, I suspect that next year I'll work to simplify the essential home study and make that more consistent while also providing multiple opportunities to extend the learning for those who are interested. I will think more on this over the summer, and have a plan in place by next year's Curriculum Night so parents know what to expect.