Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Energy Directed

Good teaching has a lot to do with good energy direction. For example today the students will perform their fifth grade play. I know that if I arrive with good energy and direct that energy in positive, uplifting, and encouraging ways, the students will be ready to perform well. The energy teachers bring to any event affect the outcome of that event. Recently this notion was confirmed in a number of articles moving through social media threads. I'm sure this is no surprise for anyone as we know our energy affects others, and it's important to well direct your energy during any task including tasks that involve others.

In many ways teachers are energy directors as we work with students and help them energize in good ways to complete countless tasks. Types of energy differ too. For example it's a different kind of energy to win a sports match versus complete needed writing and research for a big project. Both tasks, however, require significant energy.

In the days ahead, energy direction will include the following:

  • A "You Can Do It" proud and supportive energy to help students get out there and do their best in the play.
  • A "Work Hard and Persevere" energy as students slog through the most difficult part of the biography project which is to interpret, synthesize, and integrate lots of great notes into a well-written imaginary interview with a famous person. This is a deep and challenging cognitive task since students have to continually move from first person to third person as they craft the imaginary interview.
  • A "Be Observant, Explore, and Quietly Investigate" energy as students explore the natural environment around them.
  • A "Wildly and Cleverly Create" attitude as students turn boxes and other recyclables into arcade games and play spaces during the Global Cardboard Challenge.
  • A "Reverent, Reflective, and Appreciative" attitude as students watch end-of-year slide shows and special celebrations.
  • An "I Matter and I Make a Difference" attitude as they learn to be stewards of their local environment through learning and action. 
We bring our coaching, encouragement, and care as we use our energy to foster all kinds of energy and attitudes related to optimal student learning and experiences in school. As energy directors, educators model how to use their energy well and how different uses of energy result in a variety of positive outcomes.