Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Problem and Challenge of Teaching Well

I must say that I LOVE the problem of teaching well. I truly enjoy the action of trying to fit all those pieces together into a successful student-friendly program where students both enjoy learning and are inspired to continue to learn throughout their lives.

I also enjoy working with children who are generally open minded, bright, honest, caring and compassionate.

Further it's a joy to work with a dedicated staff of individuals who are all committed to a positive endeavor--this synergy is uplifting.

Yes, there are tough days and the problem of teaching well is sometimes a reach--but nevertheless it's a problem that I've enjoyed engaging with for more than three decades, and a problem I'll continue to reach for in the years ahead.

As I have considered and toyed with many other aspects of the professional field of education, I have always been ricocheted right back into the classroom and teaching--that's where I am meant to be and that's where I'll put my energy and creativity now and into the future. Onward.