Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Teach Children Well: The Re-Organization Begins

I have devoted my life's work to teaching and caring for children. As I consider the many perspectives I've embraced and entertained with that in mind, I recognize that I've amassed a fair number of posts (6,000+), processes, and learning experiences.  In the days ahead, I hope to organize these posts in a better way--a way that will be helpful and useful to educators, parents, and others who work with and care for children regularly. I have decided to put ads on my blog to support the time and effort it will take me to organize this body of work, a collection that I hope will serve to inform and inspire those who are engaged in childcare and teaching. As I work on this re-organization, I welcome your feedback, ideas, and questions. In the end, I hope that this will result in an online book that chronicles my journey while at the same time igniting and informing your work as well.