Thursday, April 12, 2018

Systemwide Test Week Analysis

Students took a number of systemwide tests in the last couple of weeks, and tonight I analyzed the results to see how I might improve the program. I came up with the following list in order to meet systemwide and state expectations by the spring.
  1. Fidelity to the schedule matters
  2. Strategic timing of field studies matters too--we want field studies to inform curriculum, provide inspiration, create shared experiences, educate students, and act as a reprieve to the rigor. We don't want field studies to interrupt the flow of good learning.
  3. Fidelity to the curriculum program (I can imagine the curriculum directors nodding with a smile as I write this)
  4. Using the supports we currently use including online programs, unit packets, regular assessments as well as adding more project/problem based activities and math writing process.
  5. Mapping out service delivery at the start of the year with all educators
  6. Strategizing and goal setting with all educators and good formal and informal data at start of the year.
  7. Continued efforts to enlist family support to help every child learn