Thursday, April 12, 2018

Daily Decision Making

As I read back past posts, I recognize that this blog illustrates the daily decision making and prep that is a big part of teaching--every day we have to think about the day's objective and how to meet that objective.

Today students will mostly work to finish the cumulative assessment math test. They started the test earlier in the week, and I hope all will finish that test tomorrow since I have to include that information in a district report at the start of May, a report that will take me some time to complete.

As students work, I'll remind them to "show what they know," take their time, and do their best. They'll work on this during their designated math time as well as during other periods if they are still not finished. It's a long test for fifth graders.

While they work, I'll attend to clarifying questions, recording the scores, reviewing results, and prepping the math exercises we'll work on after vacation--exercises that will take on more of a project/problem based approach. Onward.