Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Ideal Math Unit

As I work to grow the math unit, I'm wondering about my idea. I believe that at this time, the ideal includes the following:

Meaningful, Engaging Introduction
Connecting the main concepts and themes of the unit to the real world in meaningful, engaging ways.

Inquiry Board
Bulletin board for questions, investigations, and debate related to unit concept.

Bulletin board and other strategies to develop unit vocabulary.

Explicit Instruction
Teaching the skill, concept, and knowledge in explicit ways.

Opportunities to practice specific skills online and off.

Project/Problem Based Learning
The chance to apply the learning to a problem/project situation with multiple opportunities for enrichment, review, interdisciplinary connections, creativity, collaboration, communication, presentation, reflection, and assessment.

Assessment with Unit Standards
Online/offline unit standards' assessment

Math Writing Process
The opportunity to engage with math writing process as students clearly present a concept via pictures (models), numbers, and words. Using self-editing, peer-editing, and teacher-edits to develop this skill and complete a final copy.

Home Practice
Practice packets and online practice for students to deepen and strengthen their learning. There will be flexibility with home study as I work with families and students.

The challenge is to fit all this in with engagement, empowerment, meaning, and positive result. I'll be thinking about this in the days ahead.