Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Trump Times: A Thriller?

My husband and I enjoy watching thrillers--we like the intrigue, clues, and edge-of-your-seat excitement of movies like that.

Is Trump Times a thriller--is there intrigue, clues, edge-of-your-seat drama? I think so, and I think this is exactly what Trump has in mind as he leads the American people. He's an entertainer who seemingly enjoys the limelight, the power, the manipulation, and the drama. He likes to be in charge and he knows that when he's constantly creating uproar, confusion, and contradiction, his power grows. He loudly attracts by playing to our most primitive selves with brash, all-knowing statements that approve and disprove along lines of long held prejudices, fears, and desires. For those whose lives seem challenged, out of control, and filled with fear, there's an attraction to this seemingly all-knowing, powerful man who can deliver the goods to you--goods that will take the "bad guys" away and make life sensational like the seemingly glamorous life of the Trumps--a life of big buildings, beautiful clothes, and lots and lots of money--a life that media like Fox News esteems.

He's attracted the world's attention with his misuse of power and dismissal of social mores and respectful behavior. He doesn't act presidential, and he turns a blind eye to protocols and processes most people expect and respect. Many like me are intrigued because we could never imagine a time when such a disrespectful, arrogant, and self-serving man could be the President of the United States. People like me want him to fall out of power with a loud crash so we can return to a sense of common values and commitment to the opportunity to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for all, not just a few who seemingly want to change the world order.

It's true that we are an interdependent world, and businessmen like Trump understand that wealth and power depend on how they interact on the international playing field, not just the national field. For example as Venezuela experienced trouble, the Trump team bought the rights to all kinds of Venezuelan Internet names, they're ready for the fall and the follow-up fire sales that occur. They know that to be all-powerful means that you have power throughout the world, and they see the most powerful world leaders as those to work with or manipulate to gain greater personal power and wealth--power and wealth that lies in the land you own, the resources you manage, the people you tell what to do, and the finances you organize through multiple banks and possible money laundering systems at home and abroad.

So what do we do at this time in our country's history, a time when we are moving more and more towards world government, a time when collaboration amongst countries is more important than ever, a time when the gap between rich and poor is growing while the communication and awareness of that gap is becoming more apparent due to social media. People who are poor and underserved will not stand for low standards of living for long, and they will rise up one way or another. With good laws and governments, that rise can occur through positive regulations, equitable laws, fair opportunities, and algorithms that create just and fair societies, however without good governments and laws that rise will occur through violence, injustice, destruction, and inhumanity--the kind we see now in countries where school girls are kidnapped, people who look different are forced out, and people of minority religions are persecuted.

Right now, more than ever, the people of the world have to stand up against people who act as tyrants like Trump--people who appear to put their wealth and power ahead of equity, opportunity, and justice for all. Right now, more than ever, people of the world have to find ways to come together to rid our world of all leaders who use malicious means to gain wealth and power for themselves rather than work with other world leaders to ensure safety, a clean environment, education, health care, equal rights, and good living for all. Right now, more than ever, anyone with any power has to rise up  and speak up for what is right and good. It's possible that this positive change can occur with transparent efforts to out the world's evil doers and replace them with well intentioned, hard working, intelligent, just leaders.

The United States' history shows that it's possible to have just and fair living for lots of people, and this is possible throughout the world. It will take collaboration. It will take creativity, It will take courage. It will take confidence. It will take the imagination and belief that we can make better.

Trump is the great overcorrection demonstrating to us that we are at a brink in world history, a brink of amazing growth and positivity or destruction and disrespect. I choose the positive and encourage each and every American and world citizen to make some time to speak up and act for what is right and good for yourself, your neighbor, your community, country, and world--we can do this and we must.