Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Dragged Down the Trumphole

Years ago I was dragged down a hole of injustice. The issues worried and troubled me a lot. I could not get my mind off of it, and then there was promising change. Although the trouble didn't disappear altogether, it was mitigated greatly by good leadership and process. I could relax and not worry so much.

Now I find myself dragged down the Trumphole. Daily we read reports of disrespect, injustice, and harm. I worry about the future of our good country and world. I worry about the rights and supports for everyday people. I worry about how the greed and power of a few diminishes the potential and promise of the many. I want change.

Everywhere I look I see potential. With added funding and staffing, schools would develop at exponential rates. Teachers, students, and families are already working around the clock to support students' success, so just think what would happen if all schools had the funding to support adequate skilled staff, modern facilities, needed technology and other resources and opportunities for students to engage daily in the arts, sports, technology, and all academic subjects. These are the kind of schools that rich people like Trump afford for their own children, yet he and his #gop regime are unwilling to support this kind of high quality school for all American children when all they have to do is increase funding and advocacy to make this a reality. Instead it seems like they want to keep most Americans compromised by lack of supports since they know if the many are ignorant, the few can lead--they want the power and the wealth for themselves, and they don't support needed resources and benefits for the many.

Also, daily I read about what seems like lawless, impulsive, and self serving decisions as Trump leads a steady stream of hires and fires during his presidency. There's little consistency, and it appears that if you don't do it Trump's way, "You're Fired!" just like what happened on his television show. It seems that Trump puts no value into debate, discussion, and good decision making, but instead does it his way seemingly without research, reading, or expert consultation. Yet there are a few groups and people he seems to cower too--groups like the #NRA and people like Putin and the Koch brothers. Time will help us to understand the reality of this more.

Further, since Trump rarely to never criticizes or acts against Russia, it appears that he works for the Russians. There's all kinds of stories and rumors that tie Trump to Putin, and none of this seems to go away, but instead becomes more and more intense. When rumors persist there is typically some truth to the matter. Hopefully Mueller's investigation will lead to the truth because we have to put an end to these rumors, find out what happened with regard to Russia's impact on our elections, and work to make positive change. Our democracy relies on free elections, and we can't let another country control who leads our nation--we have to protect the people's right to choose their political leaders.

And, there's Trump's total disregard for decorum. I don't believe in judging people's bedroom habits--it's none of my business. I don't care who Trump cavorts with or how he cavorts, but I do care if he cheats or tricks people and breaks the law. We can't have a President who obstructs justice.

It would be nice to have a President that obeys playground rules, and not a President that students can cite as evidence as to why swearing and name calling on the playground should be accepted as well.

So now I'll lift myself up from the Trumphole to attend to matters of close importance and positivity. Hoping not to be dragged down again too soon.