Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Science/STEAM Lab 2018

For years I've been advocating for and trying to create a Science/STEAM lab in my classroom. I still have a number and variety of containers and lots of materials piled up all over the room--a room that's mainly a math/science teaching room.

Recently I wrote a grant to support more collaborative furniture such as tables and better containers which would help.

In the meantime, I have to once again try to reorganize what is mostly an old fashion classroom to a more modern day science/math learning room. What will I do?

Sort and Organize
The first step is to sort and organize the many, many materials I have in the room.

Science/STEAM Space
Now that I have a lot more science/STEAM materials I need to organize that space better. I'd like to make the space the kind of space that makes it easy for students to access, use, and put away the materials.

Math Materials
Though there's definitely an overlap with the math materials and science/STEAM materials, I'll create a separate space for the materials used mainly during math instruction.

General Classroom Materials
Those materials are at the front of the room, and thanks to a recent substitute teacher, those materials are well organized.

Environmental Education
Near the door, I'll create a space for environmental education materials so that those materials are easy to move outside for our explorations.

I'll keep the future teaching/learning goals upfront as I do this, goals that include optimal science, math, and STEAM teaching and learning as well as integrating SEL goals into the teaching while building a dynamic, caring class community.