Thursday, March 29, 2018

Goal Setting for 2018-2019

Essentially the goals for 2017-2018 are on autopilot - plans are made and the day-to-day focus is to follow those plans with good attention and care to students. So now my research time is focused on 2018-2019 goals.

I am delighted that the school system I work in is changing the timeline for goal setting. According to reports I've watched and read, it seems that the systemwide goals will be created in the spring which allows educators like me to use the summer time to aline my own teaching/learning goals and research with the systemwide goals. I think this is much better than the goal setting process in the past that sometimes lasted until December for goals to be set and this was long after the teaching/learning began and teachers' goals that were set in September. To me this new timeline is much better.

I reached out today to district leadership to hear the specifics of the goal setting process and to feel out what these goals might be as I begin to schedule summer study efforts and as I have more time to research and read at this time of year. I truly enjoy a goal setting process that's meaningful and measurable as I believe it helps me to improve what I can do for the children I teach and colleagues I collaborate with.