Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Do What You Can: Tremendous Opportunity for Betterment

I've advocated for change and development in many areas of school life. In some of those areas, there has been change, and in others there has not been change. As I look out at the landscape this morning, I realize that it's in my best interest and the interests of the students I serve to focus in on those areas where I can do good work rather than the areas where I've met great struggle and lack of support.

To do that means I will focus on the following areas:
  • Building a strong class/grade-level community with the wonderful fifth grade learning community of students, families, and educators.
  • Focusing in on standards-based science and math education with a number of good materials and a focus on developing greater project/problem based learning, environmental education, computational thinking, and interdisciplinary study.
  • Continuing to work on uplifting our efforts to forward a culturally proficient program that helps every child to succeed with confidence and access to the tools, time, and teachers they need.
  • Learning on my own and with others so that I can continue to develop the program.
  • A healthy routine so that I can maximize the energy I need to teach well.
This ability to focus in on the work that matters to the students I teach is essential at this bend in the road. As for my work outside of the school system, I'll work on reading, research, and writing to forward policy and activity that best supports children and communities. There is great potential for betterment everywhere we look, and I want to contribute to those kinds of efforts in my daily work and work outside of school too. Onward.