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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Vision Making Brings Meaning, Hope, and Possibility

A central question related to my vision has been stirring in my mind for a few months now. Clarity evades me, but every so often a bit of clear detail arrives helping me to better formulate a vision that will lead me ahead.

How does this vision making happen?

Vision making arises from intent. It comes from what you desire and what you value. The central question that leads my vision making right now has a lot to do with a new turn in the road--actually a turn that opens up opportunity and possibility. A turn, in part, that's arisen from the fact that my day-to-day parenting responsibilities will soon be much less than in the 25 years past.

Vision making takes observation and awareness of what's available all around you. When you make vision, you notice what's available to support that vision as well as the resources that confound and hinder your vision. It's important to recognize both supporters of your vision and detractors--both are important to the process.

Vision making takes time and space. You have to get away from it all for a time to truly go deep with vision. You can't make good vision without some time away, and you also can't make good vision without immersing yourself in the day-to-day events that relate to your vision. There's nothing worse than having people make vision for your home or organization who are distanced from the day-to-day operations as they have no idea of the realities you face.

Vision making lends hope to our day-to-day events. When you have a good vision, it's much easier to sacrifice by not spending money, working hard, staying focused, and collaborating around a meaningful direction. Vision making brings meaning to life.

Vision making, at its best, is collaborative. It's almost impossible to make a vision for self without including others in your direction in some ways, and vision making also requires continued analysis and revision since life is always changing. What's true today may not be true tomorrow, and you have to factor that in.

There's nothing I enjoy more than making vision--looking at all the pieces noted above and laying a path to potential. Do you share my passion for this? If so, what would you add to this post?