Monday, February 19, 2018

Rally Around Good Ideas and Positive Action

To build community we have to rally around positive ideas and action--what's happening in your communities that deserves your support and attention? What can you do to help build that community and learn from that community too? The possibility and potential are limitless here.

For me, at present, this involvement mainly circles around my extended family and teaching--what can I do to help my family live a good life and what can I do to better the school community and students' opportunities?

As far as family is concerned, at present that mostly means continuing to create a welcoming home, the kind of place they can put their feet up, relax, and be who they are. A good meal, get togethers, time to talk, and a place to boost one another's vision, dreams, and the work it takes to get there are the number one priorities right now as far as family is concerned.

At school, my focus includes the following:

Knowledge Begets Knowledge
Finding ways to positively support students' acquisition of knowledge.

Community Building
Working to build a strong, supportive learning community where students, educators, families, administrators, and community members work together to support positive learning and teaching experiences that foster student strength, capacity, collaboration, and success.

Political Advocacy
I want to stand up, speak out, act, and support political leaders, ideas, and efforts that forward the best of what our country can be. I support a country that puts peace and people first. I support a country that takes care of its natural resources and does everything it can to create a happy life for all beginning with our children, the elderly, and the vulnerable. I am learning more about this and will work in my free time to support the tremendous positive potential our country holds for providing every citizen with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will also support a positive path to citizenship for all who have positively resided in our country and who desire the opportunity to become full and contributing citizens of the United States.

This is where I'll begin.