Monday, February 19, 2018

Anger over ignorance

Big companies with lots of money and power are often elusive and secretive about the money they make and lobbying they do.

Average Americans are often too busy just staying on top of daily chores and events to do the investigative work needed to figure out what's happening with the investments they make into retirement plans, the taxes they pay, and the leaders they support.

It's easy for big companies in any field to trick the American people to make big profits for a few.

Today I tried to figure out a bit about companies that make guns and their level of responsibility. The research is not easy to do, and will take hours and hours.

How can we make knowing what is good for us more transparent and easy to understand? How can we help all Americans to move beyond the sound bites and lies of a some to truly unearth the truth so they can support and vote what is truly right and good for our country? What is the best way to dig deep enough to understand what is happening in our country? How are good leaders with power and money working to take away the secrecy of lobbyist, companies, and individuals whose power is not directed toward the public good?

These are questions I am seeking answers to--please tell me what you know.