Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Role Definition and Impact

When roles are clearly defined, impact rises.

When roles are not defined clearly, confusion exists and time is wasted.

I am a fan of clear role definition. I am also a fan of role evolution and then definition revision/refinement.

For example, in your system, how is the generalist teaching role defined? What is expected? What is prioritized? How do you understand the expectations and priorities?

What is the role definition of specialists, coaches, special educators, therapists, directors, administrators, and more? How do you know what to expect from those you work with? Is it simply expected that you will understand each others roles or are roles clearly defined and relayed each year so that everyone understands the priorities and expectations of a role?

As I think of my own role in the school house, it seems to me that in my role, the expectations I am responsible for include the following:
  • Being there
  • Supporting student learning with expected standards and curriculum programs
  • Communicating with administration and families
  • Evaluating my efforts with formal and informal measures
  • Completing required administrative work
  • Collaborating and working with respect, kindness, and care
  • Continued professional learning, development, and contribution
What is your role? What are your expectations? What are the priorities? How does your role evolve over time, and how is the definition of your role refined?