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Monday, January 08, 2018

Oprah's Powerful Speech Wakes Us Up and Affirms the Good Work We Do

I woke up to see Twitter ablaze with powerful words this morning. I started with Charles Blow's New York Times editorial that called public officials to stand up and speak out if they believe our president is unfit to lead. The remarks made in the book, Fire and Fury, led Blow to to write about this since the book notes a number of examples of politicians and political appointees that feel Trump is not capable of the professional expectations or ethics required to be the President of the United States.

Then I saw mention of Oprah's Golden Globes Cecil B DeMille Award acceptance speech with the #oprah2020. That caught my interest and as I followed the thread, I realized that I had to listen to the speech. So I quickly found it on YouTube and watched it three times! It's amazing and should be watched by every American. The speech actually brought me to tears because I am one of the women she speaks to, a woman who has been chastised for speaking my truth, yet Oprah's words give women like me, and women far more oppressed than me who may not even have had the opportunity or time to speak their truth, tremendous inspiration and affirmation. This speech is a beacon of hope and a light to lead our continued efforts to build a world at home and beyond that uplifts and empowers all people.

Will Oprah be on the ballot for 2020? There is definitely traction for this, and should she run, I know that she would be the kind of leader that pulls in the best and brightest in every field to create a better country for all, a country with awesome opportunities for every citizen, and a country that looks forward, not backwards, for a vision to lead us, and a vision to lead the young children looking for their dreams and future in a good world.

The weekend was a bit challenging as I thought about my small role with regard to advocating for and working towards good change, best laws, and optimal service. This speech was just what I needed to direct my efforts. I suggest that you watch too. Thank you @oprah!

The quote above came from Oprah's responses to questions after her Golden Globe Cecil B. DeMille Award acceptance speech.