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Friday, January 05, 2018

New Schedules for Schools: Moving from Factory Model to Learning Community Model

The snow day has made me think about a potential new schedule for schools. Let me know what you think. It's basically the tri-semester that many colleges and some schools use today. It would be something like this.

First Week in September: Teachers work together on a number of planning and prep events. Students attend a one-week community building, hands-on camp experience.

Mid September to Mid December: Learning Semester One.

December Break - Two Week vacataion

First Week in January: Students attend another one-week camp experience focused on specific learning needs while teachers have another one-week of planning.

Mid January - Mid March: Semester Two

Spring Break - Two Week Vacation

April  - Students attend a one-week camp focused on project/problem based learning, teachers spend a week on intense curriculum prep and planning.

Mid April - end of June: Semester Three

July and August - Break for all with summer camp/learning opportunities available for all students and teachers.