Saturday, November 11, 2017

Society's Imbalance: Investigate and Speak Up for Schools

Citizens need to be on the look out for too-great imbalance in society as it is this imbalance that leads to injustice, greed, and crime.

In talking to friends who work in school systems different than mine, I noted that the class sizes and supports are making it virtually impossible for their students to have the opportunities my students have. This is a too-great imbalance, and one that the state needs to remedy. Nowhere should public school students be subject to situations where the conditions for excellence do not exist--this leads to all kinds of problems, problems that become greater and more costly in time.

We all know that if we treat our country's children with the care and investment they deserve, the entire country will benefit. Every citizen should take the time to visit a local school, assess the numbers of students in each class, determine if there is enough technology, and find out if dollars are be using in ethical, legal, and positive ways. When citizens turn aside and don't take an interest in their schools, they are essentially inviting greater disarray, crime, and injustice into their neighborhoods, streets, and community.

Society will never be perfectly balanced, but too-great imbalance leads to great injustice and weakness--we can't let that happen.