Saturday, November 11, 2017

Collaborative Management

On Monday morning, I'll talk to the students about the need for us to collaboratively manage the classroom. To do this, I'll first review the morning routine:

  • Hang up your bag and outdoor clothing neatly
  • Sign in
  • Read the morning work board, and get started at your desk
For me, I'll take a few minutes to review the sign in, register lunch count/attendance, collect forms/notes, and look around the room for any needs.  I'll shift my desk and organize my files in ways that support this effort more too. I already shifted once this year, but most of the materials I ordered didn't withstand the energized use of 25 students, so there's a need to redo the sign-in board and collection folders. 

I'll re-look at transition times and routines too. As a team we added time for transitions about a month ago which helped, but now I need to add a few more steps to transition routines to make sure that children do what they need to do to be organized and ready for the next learning period. I'll also make more time to review homework expectations as well. Many students are following through with this, but there are still a few that are a bit confused as to the regular homework routine. 

Essentially on Monday we'll shore up our routines and organization to support the good year of learning that's already in motion. These kinds of resets happen throughout the year as varying needs become evident. Onward.